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The New Planning Dialogue

‘The New Planning is a movement in our profession’, quoted as a concluding remark by Tracy Metz, during the International Conference, ‘Take on the Future’ (December 2019), best summarizes the project so far. Here we share with you our progress in 'The New Planning Movement' of the recent activities and the process of further development of the project.

At the end of two years, the expected products of the co-creative process of the new planning dialogue will be the following:

─  Book launch at ISOCARP 2021: a publication combining all the results and process of 2 years.

─  Manifesto for the Dutch context Spring 2021: creating a new model in a co-created framework and putting research into practice. Finding an efficient working method with the involved practitioners.

But, as an intermediate results, you can already read our research done before, during and after each dialogue in our website. Following are various reflections and articles written by us and our partners for each activity. 


dialogue # 1 – groundwork

4 July 2019 | In collaboration with core partners of The New Planning

Groundwork July 4, 2019

According to the literal meaning of ‘groundwork’, this was the first opportunity to lay the foundation of the dialogue with the consortia of The New Planning. This interaction was utilized to formulate the right direction and focus on the extensive project. At the first master class, “The New Planning- Groundwork”, organized on 4th July 2019 , we hosted 35 inquisitive minds to interact over the current unprecedented challenges. The panel discussion with the speakers at the end of the event, lead to a list of directions and learnings for the dialogue. This originates as an important starting point as a common ground for the consortia to define and refine the project focus for the research and dialogue.



dialogue # 2 – defining ambitions

1 Nov 2019 | In collaboration with core partners of The New Planning

Defining Ambitions – 1 Nov 2019

The second event was a brainstorming session ‘Defining Ambitionson the 1st November, 2019, with a selected group of experts to refine the future course of the project as well as lay down the expected outcomes. Together with the 11 experts, we discussed the urgencies, probable solutions and methods and try to answer the underlying question, ‘What is lacking in the old planning’? On a Friday evening, brainstorming with a group of experts and some nice pizzas was this session all about. It was made clear in this session that the ambition of the partners and collaborators of the project is to add an European perspective to this discussion.



dialogue # 3 – take on the future

10-11 Dec 2019 | In collaboration with core partners of The New Planning

Take on the Future – 1011 Dec 2019

The third event was the two-day international conference‘Take on the future – Critically reflecting on Planning Visions’, held on the 10th and 11th December, 2019. The event saw hundreds of experts from the Netherlands and Europe in one room to discuss and debate over the subject of National Planning and vision making, while reflecting on the recently published draft Dutch national environmental vision, NOVI. An interesting mix of scholars, academicians, practitioners, government officials and students were present, engaged in critical discussions about planning for a resilient and adaptive society. With a wide range of subjects being covered from development policies, spatial planning, territorial governance and small scale local initiatives, the conference pushed forward the agendas of The New Planning dialogue. As an external attendee, Selina Abraham wrote her experiences and raised some crucial questions after the conference.



dialogue # 4 – stretching metropolitan regions

2 March 2020 | In collaboration with core partners of The New Planning

Stretching Metropolitan Regions 2 March 2020

The fourth event in the series was Stretching metropolitan regions, held on 2nd March 2020, in the wonderful city of Paris. The event organised in collaboration with L’Institut Paris region, METREX and Studio Hartzema saw experts from all across Europe discuss the importance of metropolitan regional scale in planning through an interactive dialogue with narratives from different case studies. It raised questions about the approaches and sectoral focus in 10 different metropolitan regions. Along with an expert audience of planners, policy makers and academicians, the ambitions of this ‘one afternoon dialogue’ was to share knowledge, create good narratives and specify aspects of typologies in search of apt solutions for the Metropolitan Regional scale.



dialogue # 5 –  directing city visions

8 May 2020 | In collaboration with municipality of Amsterdam and 9 cities

Online peer review session – 8 May 2020

The latest event in the series, ‘Directing City Visions’ was organised as a peer review session by Vereniging Deltametropool in collaboration with Amsterdam Municipality. The online session took place with ten cities of Europe and a wide audience, almost reaching to a hundred, of planners, designers, policymakers and academicians. The current pandemic situation led Vereniging Deltametropool to develop and experiment with the online session format, and coincidingly that supported the opportunity to have city representatives and other stakeholders from all around Europe to come together for this peer review session.  In this fifth activity Directing City Visions, we focused the discussion on the city scale and the subject of decision making. Keeping this the foundation of the discussion, we took up city specific subjects and how decision-making process can be improvised and position in a more participative approach? Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Lyon, Zurich, Oslo and Paris joined the discussion.



Next Tentative steps:

─  Dialogue 06 – International common ground (masterclass), July 2020.

In a setting of masterclass, this session will hear and reflect on the stories of Sustainable Development goals, their policies, planning, projects from a range of European countries, in relation to the Dutch context. In this session we will also discuss the interlinkage between the transnational/ national/ regional/ municipal and local scales.


─  Dialogue 07 – Changing role of a planner (masterclass), September 2020. 

We will review some ongoing project in and out of the Netherlands to discuss the varied scope of  working methods which are relevant for the planners and designers at this age of urban development. This will mostly take place in collaboration with University of Groningen where an exemplary team of planning experts nourishes this knowledge base of boundary spanning.


─  Dialogue 08 – Framework and Application (exposition), October 2020. 

The last event is an international conference which will formulate a framework for implementation based on learnings from the past dialogues. This will be focused on the Eurodelta scale and  will be connecting the networks working on this scale to formulate a structural way of working. The event will explore the future of the New planning and how to expand the consortia further.


The New Planning dialogue is a platform, to discuss the progressing issues and the crucial questions about the planning and policies, with a broad audience of planners, policymakers, developers, and academicians. 

Join the dialogue to opinionate, influence and revolutionize the planning model and support the project by your eminent participation.

Follow  the link  to know more about the project and  connect to us .

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