Visions - take on the future

The New Planning Dialogue #02

‘Visions – Take on the future’ is a two-day conference in October 2019, aimed to bring together scholars and practitioners with an expertise in spatial planning and territorial governance from an array of European countries and The Netherlands, to discuss vision making in times of change.

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What purpose does vision making have now that short term radical changes in our society are necessary?  Who is responsible in formulating them and who carries them forward? How can we prepare visions for the future that make sense?

While all the countries, regions and cities are busy with making new visions at the times of change, we are fascinated to compare the context and the concepts behind the spatial and environmental visions.

While a substantial reform of planning guidance and institutions is about to become effective in the Netherlands, a framework that fully facilitates strategic planning decisions and sets out a clear passage towards more effective co-operation is still under discussion. The first full draft of Nationale Omgevinsvisie (NOVI) was released recently on 20th June 2019. Now the preparation to finalise it by February is on the table. This gives us an opportunity to reflect on the work done in the vision, the considerations made to build it up and the results put out forward. Thus, through ‘The New Planning Dialogue’, we open this discussion out and loud to contemplate the decisions made and compare with the interesting international cases. This conference seeks to contribute to the NOVI debate.

The New planning Groundwork The New planning Groundwork. 4th July 2019

two-day conference

The purpose of the two-day conference is to investigate the ongoing Dutch planning reform. Particular attention will be given to the role of the new Dutch national spatial vision therein. The aim of the conference is to proactively and critically assess this vision in the light of the objectives that the Dutch national government has set out.

Does NOVI combine functions in a way that improves the efficiency of planning? Does it appropriately acknowledge the diversity of challenges of the regions? Will the implementation of the vision lead to the desired outcomes? Will NOVI lead to the substantive direction, providing a clarity towards spatial development processes for the society?

Four questions that ties the outlooks, cases and examples, and experiences from Dutch regions together:

— Understanding NOVI rationales: What is the overarching rationale of NOVI and how does it relate to planning rationales of lower levels of government?

— Barriers to the implementation of Visions: What are barriers to the implementation of NOVI? How do these barriers relate to the activities of lower levels of government?

— Adapting NOVI: What are practical approaches to enhance the interaction between NOVI and regional planning? How ‘The New Planning’ can facilitate the operational procedures of implementing the vision?

— Dissemination and awareness: How does NOVI localizes? How can the local stakeholders, universities and citizens accelerate the processes of NOVI?


October 3rd, Rotterdam

12:45 — registration and welcome
13:00 — introduction by Paul Gerretsen
13:30 — what is a vision, strategy, programme and plan?
14:00 — international case studies of three scales
15:30 — coffee
16:00 — Netherlands panel discussion
17:30 — dinner and drinks
19:00 — Nationale Omgevinsvisie introduction by Emiel Reiding
19:30 — keynote speaker (TBC)
20:00 — conclusion and reflection

October 4th, Den Haag

09:30 — coffee and registration
10:00 — session 1: Understanding rationals of NOVI
11:00 — open panel discussion: understanding NOVI
11:30 — session 2: Implementation and financing
12:30 — lunch
13:30 — session 3: Adaptation and scale of act
14:30 — session 4: Focus groups for dissemination
15:30 — coffee
16:00 — international panel discussion
17:00 — The New Planning project collaboration and conclusion
17:30 — drinks and snacks

The New Planning dialogue

This is the second event of The New Planning Dialogue, in the series of eight inspiring activities in the upcoming years. The workshop is being developed by Vereniging Deltametropool along with Delft University of Technology, European Policy Research Centre and University of Groningen.


Register here or by sending an email to before 23 September 2019.

The event will be in English. We would like to ensure the participation of all the involved organisations (The New Planning project) in this event. Kindly confirm your presence or any  representative from your organisation.

In case you want to invite any other person/ organisation, kindly request them to send an email to Ticket details will be shared soon on the website.

For any other information regarding this, contact Alankrita Sarkar

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