Alankrita Sarkar

Project Leader (International)

Alankrita is leading the international/ European projects and programs from Vereniging Deltametropool. She has completed her Masters in Urbanism in 2017 from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. Her role in the association revolves around bridging research and practice agendas and positioning the Netherlands in the European context. A lot of focus remains on the knowledge network and community of practice on cross border development around the themes of transitions and urgencies. She believes in strengthening the knowledge and practices by learning from international networks and urban studies around the world. Her interest lies in understanding the metropolitan scale and planning systems in relation with governance. Alankrita has worked on subjects of energy and climate actions, planning strategies, cross border cooperation, research by design in the Dutch and European context. She has successfully cooperated with hundreds of organisations within her projects in the association. Other than these themes and spatial design sectors, Alankrita interestingly participates in organising a lot of inclusive activities, debates and platforms. She is an architect from India, who completed Bachelor's degree in Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture, India. LinkedIn

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Flevoland (Commissaris van de Koning)


Paul Langeweg

Zelfstandig adviseur


Martina Huijsmans

Gemeente Delft (wethouder Ruimtelijke ordening, Mobiliteit en Dienstverlening)


Maurits Schaafsma

Stedenbouwkundige, Gemeente Haarlemmermeer


Erik Pasveer

Hoofd Strategie, Directie Ruimte en Duurzaamheid, Gemeente Amsterdam

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