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Independent network for metropolitan development

The Association

Pioneering on demographic, economic and administrative challenges and opportunities of the growing metropolis, we offer administrators and policy-makers constructive advancements in terms of prosperity, infrastructure, sustainability and quality of life. In this way we ensure a resilient and futuristic international positioning of the Netherlands. Our goal is to let the Netherlands anticipate current issues so that they can manifest themselves internationally.

The main themes within our projects are:

  • Inner city development and urban renewal
  • Energy transition
  • Economic resilience
  • Accessibility and mobility
  • The strengthening of the Eurodeltametropolis

Independent design research

Deltametropolis Association coordinates independent design research on issues relating to the growing metropolitan areas in the Netherlands and the Euro-Delta metropolis (formed by the Randstad, Flemish Diamond and the Ruhr area). We explore opportunities and challenges surrounding current tasks with a metropolitan, interregional, national or international character. Our project leaders are experts in spatial planning with various specializations such as urbanist, mobility expert and GIS data analyst.

Our projects are administratively anchored, knowledge-based or targets for a (large) movement. Anchored in government is for example ‘‘Verstedelijkingsopgave van Nederland – naar een gezamenlijke aanpak’, an elaboration of the NOVI based on an administrative round (G4, G32, IPO).

Blind Spot Blind Spot.

‘Spot On’ and ‘Blind Spot’ are examples of a broad movement where the landscape is approached as a context condition. For example, knowledge based is the ‘Informatiesysteem Knooppunten’ with which practical translations have been made with GIS-Data for the benefit of mobility. Finally, we can make a distinction between positioned design research, such as Energie en Ruimte – een nationaal perspectief’.

Energie & Ruimte, Een nationaal perspectief Energie & Ruimte, Een nationaal perspectief.

An overview of association publications, derived from projects and collaborations can be found on our ISSUU publications webpage.

All publications in English can be found on the side bars of this webpage or in our stack English Publications on ISSUU.

The association as a sanctuary

The Deltametropolis Association is also a sanctuary that creates the space to develop new ideas outside the usual frameworks and to conduct sharp discussions and debates about the Deltametropolis. Every year we conduct debates with exciting formats in various locations and organize workshops for professionals, policy makers and knowledge institutes in our field of expertise. We also regularly organize a program at public events such as conferences and festivals.

Our Team

Information on our team members of the agency as well as members of the executive board and general council can be found here (Dutch).

The association and its members

The professional community, public interest groups, research institutions and governments come together in the association. For our members we are a strong network organization and inspiring knowledge institute. As an association our members are of crucial value. Through membership, the association can continue its independent work and excel with special publications such as’ Spot On ‘,’Verstedelijkingsopgave van Nederland – naar een gezamenlijke aanpak’,’ Bicycle Landscape – why the Netherlands looks like this’ and ‘Energie en Ruimte – een nationaal perspectief’. Membership at the association is divided into three categories: institutional, professional and private.

If you also want to support the association, become a member. Membership is open to governing bodies, civil organisations, companies and professionals or interested individuals. Ans overview of our current members and partners can be found here (Dutch).

Deltametropolis declaration and regulations

A declaration by the spatial planning aldermen of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht regarding future urban development in The Netherlands. The cooperation between the four aldermen, which started in 1996, resulted in a common ‘Declaration Deltametropool‘ (Dutch) concerning the strategy to transform the Randstad to a cityregion of international size: a European Deltametropolis. The central concept in this strategy is growth. The development of the Deltametropolis is seen as a proces of growth which, from a historical viewpoint, already started centuries ago. During the second half of the 20th century an acceleration occurs and the birth of the European Union provides yet another stimulus. The essence of the 1998 declaration is summarized in article 2 of the ‘Regulations of Vereniging Deltametropool‘ (Dutch), dated February 1998 and revised in September 2012 (ISBN 90-76630-03-8).

Contact us

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E-mail secretariaat@deltametropool.nl
Website www.deltametropool.nl
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ANBI Since 2013, the association has been accredited as a General Benefit Institution  ANBI 
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