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Declarations and Agreements in Planning

'VALUE THIS!' is a master class as part of the 'The New Planning Dialogue' organized by Vereniging Deltametropool in collaboration with BNA International and Arcadis. We take the opportunity of a digital set up to look at global agreements and their growing importance guiding planning systems as well as project implementation. Also, to discuss the role of values in planning with some examples from practice.

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The New Planning dialogue always  supported the international discussion, setting out the urgencies and positioning the Netherlands in the international context. This is the sixth event of The New Planning Dialogue, in the series of eight inspiring activities focusing on the role and purpose of values ​​in planning. 

Role of Agreements, Declarations and Agendas in Planning

In recent times a lot of focus is being shown towards the global agreements. In somewhatay, these are providing a direction for planning systems in different countries. But what is the definitive role of these agreements and declarations? How much are they important and relevant under the pressurized challenges and uncertainties? How these can be a response to the urgencies of the Dutch spatial planning agenda? How does the environmental, societal and technological changes lead to alternative instruments or components of a planning model, vision-making, collaboration, decision-making, networks and knowledge dissemination? Some of the examples that will be looked at will be;

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, at its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries in a global partnership.

Davos Declaration 2018, politically and strategically promoting the concept of a high-quality  Baukultur  in Europe.

Paris Agreement 2015 , first-ever universal, legally binding global climate change agreement.

Climate Agreement Netherlands 2019 , is a collaboration between central government, the decentralized authorities, the business community and social organizations.

New Urban Agenda 2016 – UN Habitat, is an action-oriented document that mobilizes key stakeholders to drive sustainable urban development at the local level.

European Green Deal 2020, is our roadmap for making the EU’s economy sustainable.

Values ​​in planning practice

When sharing values, people move in the same direction while doing their own thing. Values ​​help us navigate the complex landscapes that are today’s cities. Values ​​drive motivation and collaboration, representing concepts people consciously or unconsciously share. Values ​​function in clusters and they represent concepts that people know consciously or unconsciously.

What are the values ​​in planning? How are they relevant in New Planning discussion?

Role of Planners addressing these agreements and values

What societal, environment and economic values ​​can we add practicing planning? What are the role of designers and planners addressing these agreements and declarations? How does the subject of sustainability fit-in in the current pandemic context? Does this change our goals of way of working? Is there a need to re-focus or we take this as an opportunity to implement the ideas of sustainability? What has already been done? What can we do further? What are the missing links?

Tentative Program

Detailed program will be fixed and shared in next few weeks.

12:45 – Meet and greet
13:00 Welcome and introduction by  Alankrita Sarkar (Deltametropolis Association)

Part 1: Role and purpose of international agreements and declarations in planning

13:10  Declarations and values ​​in building culture in Netherlands. Conversation with Paul Gerrestsen (Deltametropolis Association),  Flip ten Cate ( Federation for Spatial Quality) and Caroline Nevejan (University of Amsterdam )

Part 2: Values ​​in planning agreements and declarations

13:50 Values ​​in sustainable design and planning. Conversation with Paul Gerrestsen (Deltametropolis Association), Mathias Lehner (BNA international) and Martina Huijsmans (Wethouder, city of Delft)

1 4:30 Coffee break

Part 3: Approaches towards planning with agreements and declarations

14:40 –  Examples from public-private collaboration by Arcadis
14:55  Examples from Europe (tbc)

15:10 Reflecting back on the discussion

 – Room 1: moderated by Alankrita Sarkar – Arcadis – Flip ten Cate
 – Room 2: moderated by Mathias Lehner – European context
 – Room 3: moderated by Paul Gerretsen – Caroline Nevejan – Tilburg

15:30 – Conclusions by Paul Gerretsen
15:45 – Thank you drink (Alankrita Sarkar)

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The New Planning dialogue

This is the sixth event of The New Planning Dialogue, in the series of eight inspiring activities in the upcoming years. We are looking forward to host all the partners of The New Planning at this event. You can read more about the previous events over here .

Next event: Role of Planning and Role of Planners

With the current urgencies and unique processes, it is high time to e mbrac e  and promot e  the unique qualities and attributes of planning.  Repositioning the planner as an orchestrator and enabler of planning regional futures. What new role (s) should  planning  and planners serve in addressing the big-ticket issues of the 21st century What capacities will be essential to interact with planning related sectors to encompass distinctive collaborations? Visit the activity page for more information. 


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