Planning for all

Integrating Spatial Planning and Design with society

‘Planning for all’ is a debate and discussion as part of the ‘The New Planning Dialogue’ series organized by Vereniging Deltametropool in close collaboration with Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. In this session, we will look at the changing roles of spatial planning and design and the challenges in capacities faced by planners and designers.

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This debate will focus on the repositioning of the spatial planner or designer as an orchestrator and enabler of sustainable regional futures. With the current pressing global issues in mind, it’s high time to embrace and promote the unique qualities and attributes of spatial planning and design, and explore the new roles planners and designers should take on. Some of the questions that we will address are;

How should planners and designers operate in addressing the big-ticket issues of the 21st century?
What capacities are essential to create an impact on sectors related to new planning, that will encompass distinctive collaborations? 

In the format of a debate, we will look at the paradigm shift in the roles of spatial planning and the capacities that challenges the new age planners. Some of the main discussions will revolve around;

Paradigm shift in spatial planning and design
Big challenges and differences in sectoral boundaries
Changing roles: Planner as a boundary spanner
Capacity building in of planning that is needed to interact with other sectors (social, economic, cultural, energy, technological)
Expectations from various sectors from planners?
– Additional capacities necessary for 21st CE planners and designers
Unprecedented times: Prioritization of monumental shifts in the field of planning

Tentative Program

13:00 – Welcome by Paul Gerretsen (Vereniging Deltametropool)

Introduction to New Planning

13:10 – What are the urgencies in planning and how do they redefine the role of planning and design? (University of Groningen)

Part 1: Panel discussion

13:20 – Panel Discussion 1 (Pakhuis de Zwijger)

– What kind of vital skills are required for planners with the paradigm shift – change from a ‘steering role’ to a ‘strategic role’ (or: facilitating role to inspirational role?)– What are the factors that led to this? What changes and Why?

– What needs are served by the boundary spanning/ changing role of planners in professional practice?

14:05 – Video intermezzo

14:15 – Panel Discussion 2 (Pakhuis de Zwijger)

– How do the current radical urgencies play a role in discussing or rethinking the roles of planning? What can be implemented in practice to accommodate these new roles and skills?

– Which case studies/ theories might be helpful to integrate these capacities in the multi-sectoral approaches/ projects? How to change and When?

15:00 – Coffee break

Part 2: Interactions with audience

15:10 – First impressions with audience

What are the key roles of the planner with the current planning urgencies in mind?

15:30 – Breakout rooms

How could you develop these roles individually or as an organisation in practice?

15:50 – Conclusion and thank you and borrel!

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The New Planning dialogue

This is the seventh event of The New Planning Dialogue, in the series of eight inspiring activities in the upcoming years. We are looking forward to host all the partners of The New Planning at this event. You can read more about the previous events over here.

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