The New Planning Dialogue #05

Directing City Visions

'Directing City Visions' is a peer review session organised by Vereniging Deltametropool in collaboration with Amsterdam Municipality. In this session, five Dutch cities and five European cities are coming together to peer review their visions and action plans to structure their working method, while formulating steps towards implementation. We take the opportunity in a digital set up to have a one-to-one discussion between relevant cities, to be able to exchange city planning and vision making knowledge.

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The New Planning dialogue always supported the knowledge exchange and encouraged a reflection and review set-up as a whole program. This is the fifth event of The New Planning Dialogue, in the series of eight inspiring activities focusing on the City scale and the subject of importance of decision making during the process from Visions to Implementation

Keeping this the foundation of the discussion, we will be taking up city specific subject and how decision-making process can be improvised and position in a more participative approach. We have invited the top five Dutch cities Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Eindhoven and some other European cities like Helsinki, Lyon, Zurich, Oslo, Paris. We are in a process of personalised content creation with each city and discussing their right subjects to present with a complementing strategy. We expect that this provides an opportunity for both Dutch and European cities to learn some principles and get inspired for their own city visions. We strongly believe that this gathering will initiate the desired co-creative process towards an effective model of spatial planning. 

In this online version the dialogue the session will take two different formats, as a whole group and in virtual breakout rooms.

Detailed Program

12:45 — Online meet and greet (Zoom link)

13:00 Welcome by Paul Gerretsen (Vereniging Deltametropool)

           Introduction of cities, speakers, and program
           Questions in today’s agenda and expected results

13:10 — Brief talk with Paul Lecroart (L’Institut Paris Region)

           ‘City making in challenging times’

13:20Keynote presentation by Erik Pasveer (City of Amsterdam)

           ‘Decision making in challenging times’

13:45Open discussions and questions 

13:55Introduction to peer review

           Introducing city pairing and groups

14:00Break Out Sessions – City peer review

           with representatives from Dutch and European cities

          City Pairing:

Amsterdam and Zurich (Breakout 1) moderated by Merten Nefs
Rotterdam, Utrecht and Oslo (Breakout 2) moderated by Arjan Smits and Rien van de Wall
The Hague and Lyon (Breakout 3) moderated by David Dooghe
Eindhoven and Helsinki (Breakout 4) moderated by Ana Luisa Moura and Lea Soret

15:00Coffee break

15:10Results and Conclusions by moderators and Paul Gerretsen

15:30 — End with a borrel 

Knowledge Dissemination and Results

We will organise an intimate session with the Dutch municipalities to be able to structure the conclusions for a broader audience. The results of this day will be shared later during a meeting with the VNG and the other municipalities in the Netherlands. We would like to contact and reach out to all the Dutch municipalities in order to support them with the shared knowledge. We will decide on the format of reaching out after this session. 


We cordially invite you to participate in this peer review session to discuss decision making at the city scale and join the The New planning dialogue.

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Register  before 12:00 hours on 7th May 2020. You will be provided with the relevant links to join the session after registration. Visit our website for more information regarding the project.

Remember that Vereniging Deltametropool is a non-profit association of which you can become a member. This event is organised without a fee, but you can pay as you like through: this link or by using this QR-code:

The New Planning dialogue

This is the fifth event of The New Planning Dialogue, in the series of eight inspiring activities in the upcoming years. We are looking forward to host all the partners of The New Planning at this event. You can read more about the previous events over here.

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