Malavika Krishnan


Malavika is a recent urbanism graduate (2020) from the TU Delft and works as a project collaborator and researcher with Deltametropolis Association. She has been working with the office for over a year, first as an intern, and consequently as a part-time researcher with The New Planning project and NOVI. She is passionate about urban planning focusing on sustainable development, with a keen interest in infrastructure and environment design. For her thesis, she looked at the socio-ecological impacts of large scale cotton production and consumption on water scarcity issues in India. Prior to her masters, she has also worked as an architect and urban planner in India specializing in construction using sustainable materials. In addition to design, she also enjoys reading and writing and has performed as a monthly columnist on ‘Architecture, Design and History ‘ with TU Delta (online journalistic platform of TU Delft). LinkedIn

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