Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta

Online Symposium Week

This is an invitation to all universities, research institutes and the next generation in the Eurodelta, on behalf of the SURE Network, to participate in the development of the megaregion. "Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta" is an online symposium to create a dialogue between experts practice and academia, from different generations of planners and designers.

A pilot program is being organised to explore the future developments for the territory of Eurodelta. The program consists of an online symposium “Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta”, open to the students, young researchers and professionals working in the field of architecture, design, urban studies, economic geography and spatial planning. The symposium will be held online due to COVID-19 restrictions in the week of the 17th – 21st May 2021. A week-long program will be organized in different formats (lunch forums, working conference, breakout sessions, etc.) with specific themes.

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Detailed Program

Moderated by P. Gerretsen and A. Sarkar (Vereniging Deltametropool)

Lunch Forum, Day 1 (17th May 2021) – Introducing SURE – Eurodelta

Watch the first Lunch Forum here

12:00               Cross-border collaboration in the Eurodelta (10 mins each)

— SURE Network milestones by E. Pasveer (Amsterdam)
in discussion with J.Bachtler (EPRC)

— Interviews by C. Braun (Braun-Urban)

1. ESPON STISE by S. van den Bogaerde (Cities and Territories)

2. Go Europe Go Rail by M. Schaafsma (Board, VDM)

12:30               Open discussion

— Panel: P. Pol (City of the Hague), A. Corbalan (Perspective Brussels), S. Stoelb (Luxembourg Ministry of Energy)

13:30               End


Lunch Forum, Day 2 (18th May 2021) – Research dimension in Eurodelta

Watch the second Lunch Forum here

12:00               Research & transfer in the Eurodelta (10 mins each)

— PortCityFutures  by C. Hein (LDE Universities)

— Transforming City Regions  by C. Reicher (RWTH Aachen)

— Planning for Agglomeration by K. Boussauw (VU Brussels)

12:30              Open discussion

                         — Panel: F. Oort (Erasmus University), R. Cardoso (TU Delft)

13:30               End


Lunch Forum, Day 3 (19th May 2021) – Practice dimension in Eurodelta

Watch the third Lunch Forum here.

12:00               Best practices in the Eurodelta (10 mins each)

                          — Agglomeration Concept Köln/Bonn by R. Broesi (MUST) 

                          — Water and Governance by J. Declerck (A. W. B) 

                          — City visions by H. Zarate and K. Knauf (MVRDV)

12:30               Open discussion

                          — Panel: A. Perić (ISOCARP), H. Bouwman (METREX)

13:30               End


Online Working Conference, Day 4 (20th May 2021)

09:00               Welcome by A. Sarkar (Vereniging Deltametropool)

09:15                Introduction to SURE & Milestones by E.wijs

(City of the Hague) and D.Keim (City of Amsterdam)

09:30               Eurodelta Knowledge Platform by P. Gerretsen

09:40               SURE-Eurodelta Roadmap by C. Braun (Braun-Urban)

09:50               University & Practice by M. Nollert (ETH Zurich/ Urbanista)

10:20               Coffee Break

10:30               First steps: Project brief  by A. Sarkar

10:45               Questions from students

10:50                Practice-based research: Tools for design & planning

                          — Socially inclusive cities by C. Sezer (RWTH Aachen)

                          — Landscapes of trade by M. Nefs (TU Delft/VDM)

11:20                Lecture: How to develop a vision? by R. Rocco (TU Delft)

12:00               Lunch Break

12:50               Technicalities: Breakout rooms by A. Sarkar

13:00               Breakout Rooms (participants working in 12 groups)

16:30               Closing statements and preparations for next day


Online Working Conference, Day 5 (21st May 2021)

09:00              Welcome and Introduction by A. Sarkar

09:15               Breakout Rooms (final presentation preparation)

10:20               Coffee Break

10:30               Symposium Reflection by A. Sarkar and P. Gerretsen (VDM)

10:45               Presentation pitches – part 1 (5 mins each team)

Jury members: H. Hartzema (Studio Hartzema), C. Singer (EU-Macroregional Strategy), J. Eripret (INTERREG), M. Deketelaere (CGEDD), H. Leinfelder (KU Leuven), Soo-Jin Kim (OECD,tbc)

11:15                Reflections by SURE Network by H. Thoele (South Holland)

Panel: Rudy Hughelen (BENELUX), Frank D’Hondt (ISOCARP)

11:45                Presentation pitches – part 2 (5 mins each team)

Jury members: H. Hartzema (Studio Hartzema), C. Singer (EU-Macroregional Strategy), J. Eripret (INTERREG), M. Deketelaere (CGEDD), H. Leinfelder (KU Leuven), Soo-Jin Kim (OECD,tbc)

12:15                Reflections by SURE Network by H. Thoele (South Holland)

Panel: Rudy Hughelen (BENELUX), Frank D’Hondt (ISOCARP)

12:45               Closing statement by C. Reicher (RWTH Aachen)

12:55               Thanking note + next steps

13:00               Lunch/ End


Join the program!

We invite you to join the online symposium and contribute towards a sustainable mega-region Eurodelta. For more details on the program and registration, contact Alankrita Sarkar (



Symposium supporters:

ISOCARP           METREX             Delft University of Technology
RWTH Aachen          KU Leuven         Vrije Universiteit Brussels
Erasmus University Rotterdam            University of Amsterdam
Wageniging University and Research        Groningen University
Leiden- Erasmus- Delft          ETH Zurich             Benelux Union
The Hague University of Applied Sciences            TU Dortmund
University Duisburg-Essen     Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy
MUST       Architecture Workroom Brussels                    MVRDV
ISOCARP       Urbanista       Studio Hartzema                     OECD
Danube Region       INTERREG                   Brussels Perspective
Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition (France)

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