Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta

This registration is meant and valid for the whole online symposium week (17th – 21st May 2021) consisting of three lunch forums (17-19 May 2021) and one half day working conference (20-21 May 2021).

You can only register as a viewer till 10th May 2021. Registration for Participants ended on 15 April. If you are a master’s students, recent graduates, young professionals and want to contribute  to the development of the vision for the Eurodelta, then email us at

As a Viewer, you are part of the audience and may contribute in designated online discussions during the lunch forums and conference (practitioners, professors, researchers, experts).

This is a two-minutes-registration form. For any queries or changes, please contact:

1 Personal Details
2 Academic/ Professional Background
3 Symposium Sessions
  • Disclaimer: Package will be delivered to this address during the symposium.
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