Symposium Week

Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta 2022

This is an invitation to all universities, research institutes and the next generation in the Eurodelta, on behalf of the SURE Network, to participate in the development of the megaregion. "Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta 2.0" is a week long symposium to bring out fresh perspectives from the next generation planners and create dialogues between experts practice and academia.

After the success of the pilot program, we are now in the process of planning the second edition to continue to explore further the future developments of the Eurodelta. The program consists of a week long symposium “Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta”, open to the students, young researchers and professionals working in the field of architecture, design, urban studies, economic geography and spatial planning. The symposium will be planned for 2-6 May 2022 (tentative) and the format will be soon decided based on the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. The week long program will see lunch forums with presentations from experts in the field of architetcure and planning along with a 2-day working conference and workshop sessions.

This is a call to for invitation to participate for universities (master/ PhD students) and young professionals to join the SURE-Eurodelta initiative. Detailed program coming soon!

Themes and Urgencies

The participants will be urged to work on three strong themes;

— Water Management and Climate Adaptation
— Cross-border Mobility and Infrastructure
— Smart Specialisation Strategies

Aim of the program

— promote involvement of young generation planners and designers in the development of Eurodelta and to bring in new perspectives.
— integrating research, academia and practice by connecting cities, design offices and universities
— extend the outreach and include more research projects from a variety of cities within the Eurodelta, together with the universities and institutes
— focus on the medium-sized cities (and research networks) to drive ambitions for SURE Eurodelta
— promote participation and enhance bottom up initiatives and evidencedbased research to sustain better integration of the Strategic Urban Region of Eurodelta
— exchange of knowledge and creating, broadening and extending the network in the Eurodelta
— breeding ground for ideas and kick starting innovative projects to be developed further as research projects/master studios

How can the Universities contribute?

As a representative from the university, you can contribute in the following ways;
— your expertise and university insight in the discussion during the podium
— academic supervision during the podium
— establishing connection with Masters studio
— represent your university/ institute in a long term Eurodelta collaboration

Join the program!

We invite you to join the online symposium and contribute towards a sustainable mega-region Eurodelta. We are in the process of developing the program further and a detailed program will be added soon. If you wish to know more about the project or want to contribute towards the program, please get in touch with us. For more details, contact Alankrita Sarkar ( or Cecilia Braun (

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