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A network of universities in Eurodelta

03 december 2021

As a result of the discussions and collaborations that took place during the program and planning of the Next Generation Podium (May 2021) the ambition came forward to better integrate and bring together the dimensions of education, research and practice for the development of the Eurodelta mega-region. The existing SURE-Eurodelta Network together with Deltametropolis Association and Braun-Urban initiated the discussion of establishing the SURE Scientific Board.

We officially initiated the program and some important announcements in the RETE conference by Port City Futures, ‘(Re)tooling the Port City Territory: People, planning and participation’ at TU Delft.

With the success of the first edition of the Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta, the SURE Scientific Board was established. The aim is to better connect and integrate the dimensions of education, research and practice for the development of the Eurodelta megaregion. The current academic supporters of the scientific board are representatives of the City of Amsterdam, Deltametropool Association, TU Delft, KU Leuven and RWTH Aachen. The representatives from these three universities who are at the fore-front are;

Carola Hein (Professor of Architecture & Urbanism History, Delft University of Technology)
Hans Leinfelder (Senior Lecturer, KU Leuven)
Christa Reicher (Chair of Urban Design and Institute for Urban Design and European Urbanism, RWTH Aachen)

The idea is to broaden the scientific board with more representatives from universities, research institutes and other organizations interested in further shaping the development of the Eurodelta.

As an initial concept, the scientific board will work on further enlarging the network and facilitating the development of the Eurodelta Knowledge Platform  an interface for exchanging practicalities/ best-practices on various topics of interest/ concern in the Eurodelta. As such the Scientific Board has an independent role next to the SURE-Eurodelta cooperation and the facilitating organisations of METREX, ISOCARP and the Deltametropolis Association, in collaboration with Braun-Urban. Further meetings and specific networking moments will be organised by Vereniging Deltametropool together with the meeting attendees to conceptualise the practicalities of the working and functions of the scientific board. These initial steps will form as a basis towards taking concrete actions to further develop the board, the network and the Eurodelta Knowledge Platform.

Join this initiative

If you wish to be a part of this knowledge platform as a university representative from Eurodelta and broaden the network, we urge you to get in touch with us. To know more about this initiative, contact us via email.

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