Publication Launch

Landvestors II, The Region

The Vereniging Deltametropool is proud to share our latest publication: "Landvestors, companies and citizens who develop and invest in landscapes, are an emerging topic in the Netherlands and abroad. In this second publication, we describe our Landvestor experiment in two high-tech regions: Rheinisches Revier (Germany) and Brainport Eindhoven (The Netherlands). Our goal is to assess whether Landvestors can be a significant part of a regional strategy of landscape development and quality of life. What can designers, entrepreneurs and governments do to make that work?"

Landvestors II, The Region Landvestors II, The Region.

Preliminary Program for the 11th of November (Live and on location)

The programme consists of two parts, both of which are live at the location. The first is a bike tour of the “Groene Corridor” to experience the various developments in person.

During the second part the discoveries and lessons for the two regions and practice will be discussed with the participants and stakeholders in the project, as will as with representatives from Germany and the Netherlands.

Morning program

10:15 Welcome & introduction of the day program (location: Philips fruittuin).

10:30-12:00 Tour de Green Corridor: Bike tour through some of the destinations of the Green Corridor. Guide: Gerben Kok (t.b.c), +-20 participants, ov-fiets.

12:00-13:00 Lunch break: Fresh and local lunch, +-20 participants. (location: Philips fruittuin).

Afternoon Program

13:00 Welcome and introduction of the physical afternoon program (Physical max. 50 participants, location: Philips fruittuin).

13:15-13:45 Ruth Laengner, Head of the staff unit for Structural Change, Climate Protection and: Terra Nova city of Bergheim (DE) and Rik Thijs, Alderman Climate & Energy, Public Space & Greenery at Municipality of Eindhoven (NL) – will introduce their regions and cities, present their challenges and ambitions regarding landscape development strategies.

13:45-14:30 Vereniging Deltametropool, Flux Landscape architects, Bureau Buiten and Braun Urban (Design team), will discuss their findings regarding Landvestors’s collaboration, the different proposals and the new steps/tools that are now available, in parallel with Ruth Laengner  and Rik Thijs , which will receive the publication and comment on it.

14:30-15:15 Panel discussion between David van Zelm van Eldik, Like Bijlsma, Jeroen Bootsma, Kees Rutten. As representative of companies, citizens and organizations, they will discuss the potentials and capacities of Landvestors in depth, as well as the obstacles and pittfalls of our current context. With questions from financial expert Joost Hagens.

15:15-15:30 Wrap up, conclusions and handing in of the publication to all participants.

15:30 Coffee and pie!

Green Corridor, Stakeholder and Strategy map. Vereniging Deltametropool Green Corridor, Stakeholder and Strategy map. Vereniging Deltametropool.

How to join

There are still spots available to participate in the launch event in Eindhoven on Thursday the 11th of November 2021.  At the end of the day, we will also have a gift for those present.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to attend, and let us know whether you’ll join for the afternoon program, or for the full program.

Kraftraum, Stakeholder and Strategy map. Vereniging Deltametropool Kraftraum, Stakeholder and Strategy map. Vereniging Deltametropool.
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