Landvestors II

The Region

In hightech regions, private initiative could be an opportunity in the battle for talent and in landscape transitions. After learning from best Landvestor practices, we focus on the potential in two pilot areas: the Green Corridor (part of Brainport NL) and KRAFTRAUM:terranova (part of Rheinisches Revier DE).

Green Corridor, Landvestors on the large scale Green Corridor, Landvestors on the large scale.

In the Landvestors best practices we learned that there is an international trend of companies and citizens getting involved in landscape financing and development. To use their potential, we identified two challenges:

Can Landvestors be palpable plug-and-play initiatives, which still contribute to large-scale long-term ambitions in a region?
And how can donation, crowdfunding and business models be combined and leveraged with public subsidies?

In Landvestors II – The Region we elaborate a regional landscape development strategy focused on private stakeholders and backed by exploratory financing schemes involving donations, crowdfunding and business models. We work with an interdisciplinary team including planners, landscape architects and economists, in regular contact with stakeholders in the pilot regions. The project is supported by the Creative Industries Fund and Community of Practice ‘Landscape as Location Factor’.


Pilot regions

The two post-industrial high-tech regions share qualities, which make them relevant for Landvestors. The innovative industries in both regions require highly skilled (technical) personnel, which needs to be attracted and retained. This personnel is increasingly scarce and settles in regions with high level of quality of life, and therefore landscape quality. Both regions deal with large landscape-economic transitions, such as the shift from intensive livestock farming to a healthier and more sustainable model, and the shift from browncoal mining to new energy sources and land uses. And both regions can build on their unique (industrial) heritage.

Stakeholders in both Brainport Eindhoven and Rheinisches Revier have given input and reflections on the analyses and proposals in the Landvestors project.

Landscape Triennial 2021

Landvestors was the theme of a breakout session at the Hightech Highgreen workconference during the Landscape Triennial 2021 (75 min video below). The central idea of the conference was that flourishing high-tech regions cannot do without a flourishing landscape. In the online session, presented from the BIC campus in the Green Corridor, Brainport Eindhoven met the German peer hightech region: Rheinisches Revier. We zoomed in to landscape-economic challenges and discussed proposals in the Green Corridor and Kraftraum:terranova areas, in which companies and citizen groups play a key role. We have appreciated the enthusiasm of both regions and the many questions and remarks in the Zoom chat.
View the Landvestors breakout session (April 23rd via Zoom, 75min, spoken in English)

Next steps

  • Until August: Sharpen Landvestor proposals in Green Corridor and Kraftraum:terranova, with input by the stakeholders in the areas
  • September: Finish publication ‘Landvestors – the region’, drawing lessons from this cross-border and cross-disciplinary experiment
  • October: Second public meetup of Green Corridor and Kraftaum:terranova (including launch of the publication)
We hope to see you there!
Kraftraum, Landvestors on the large scale Kraftraum, Landvestors on the large scale.
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