Brainstorming Session for members of IFHP and VDM

Network of Networks

We are pleased to extend an invitation to save the date for an upcoming Network of Networks brainstorming session, exclusively tailored for partners and members of the International Federation of Housing and Planning (IFHP) and Vereniging Deltametropool (VDM). This session aims to foster further collaboration between our esteemed organizations and offers a valuable opportunity to network with other member organizations to collectively address shared challenges.

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In the past twelve months, The International Federation of Housing and Planning (IFHP) and Vereniging Deltametropool (VDM) have been working on building a strong collaboration. This has resulted in the establishment of a formal partnership, outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding, aimed at developing a shared vision. One of the key agenda points is to provide more substance to the Network of Networks initiative.


16:00 Welcome and Introduction

16:20 Opening Statement

16:40 Workshop: Places, Politics, Housing and Planning

17:10 Discussion and Conclusion

17:30 End

Network of Networks

The Network of Networks initiative aims to exchange knowledge and collaborative efforts among various networks and organizations to address the pressing challenges of climate change and environmental degradation. It serves as an interactive platform for continuous exchange, facilitating the development of innovative methods drawing inspiration from all European cities and regions.

Progress till now

The Network of Networks has already started last year with several organizations such as L’Insititut Paris Region, METREX, ISOCARP, and INTI. Consensus among almost all networks underscores the necessity of this initiative. The partnership between VDM and IFHP presents an ideal opportunity to advance this endeavor further and focus more on the interplay between Housing, Planning, and Politics.

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Participation is for partners and members from IFHP and VDM only. the Zoom link, along with additional instructions, will be sent to you in the upcoming week.

Your participation in this brainstorming session is highly valued, and we eagerly await your insights and contributions to our collaborative project. 

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