Exchanges between networks and organizations

Network of Networks

Exchanging the knowledge and the work of networks and organizations to tackle the increasing challenges of climate change and environmental degradation.

How can we portray the competences and achievements of European countries in the international setting , as far as city making is concerned? How to promote the efficiency of European planning and design to the world , while questioning it s potential and learning from other continents’ good practices?

To find the answers to these questions, we are contacting and collaborating with some networks to discuss the possibilities of creating the exchange network.

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Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world. The European Union is addressing those urgencies by strengthening agendas and programs like the European Green Deal, European Climate Pact, New European Bauhaus , EU recovery plan, European Urban Agenda etc. These are supporting the global discussions and paving the way to address the challenges and urgency. 

All the specialized organisations, networks and associations are dedicatedly working towards a variety of urgencies and environmental challenges with their own expertise circle. Simultaneously, all the countries are reacting with their contextual and circumstantial agenda while addressing the challenges and visions. All this is quite understandable, legitimate and necessary. Yet it is evident that the challenges are common and the efforts are to be jointly taken, as time is running out. 

 “Post” COVID situation: How can we work better? What to do differently? Are we at a turning point where we might fail? 

 Are we going to miss our responsibilities? 

Tackling the challenges effectively

In order to tackle the increasing challenges better, what is needed is more exchanges between Member States, between public policies, economic sectors, experts, NGOs, between research and practice, and moreover between the networks and organizations themselves. We are in strong need and demand of an exceptional and cooperative platform to be built in order to share and exchange the knowledge and work of the networks and organizations who are producing valuable material and food for thought would also offer opportunities to learn from each other and to support each other with research, design and action among the European countries. 

Approach: Local to Global, addressing

– Different Scales

– Different Dimensions


URBACT , ETHNA , Science Europe , EU-Life , Resilient Cities Network and Red Cross Red Crescent Urban Collaboration Platform .

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