Forum of Networks

European Week of the Regions and Cities 2022

Vereniging Deltametropool and L'institut Paris Region are organizing a dialogue designed to concretize the concept of Network of Networks with expert groups of European Spatial Planning Networks, as a part of the European Week of the Regions and Cities 2022.

The goal of the event is to collectively create an action-oriented collaboration prospect between the existing networks. The network and research organisations are now expected to change with the changing paradigm of planning and urgencies. At Deltametropool, we are looking into the challenges and opportunities from an Association and Network perspective to be able to offer better results and impacts for public and private practitioners, in search of innovative methods for Territorial Cohesion.

Unfortunately, we will be hosting this session ONLINE as a Project Initiative Brainstorming meeting and NOT AS A PHYSICAL EVENT due to some unbearable issues.

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11:00 Welcome and Introduction

11:15  Keynote: Need to connect – European agenda by Leen Verbeek

11:30  What is Network of Networks? By Paul Gerretsen

11:40 Panel discussion with cities, regions and networks

12:30 Brainstorming practicalities by Alankrita Sarkar

12:50 Conclusion and next steps


Why working together? What does it mean to work together? What are the possible issues? What do networks think will change in their workspace if they begin to work together structurally? How to create a model to develop a sustainable method of future collaboration? How will this kind of long term dialogue impact future generations? 

But why such an event? In order to better tackle increasing challenges, what is needed is more exchanges between Member States, public policy makers, economic sectors, experts, NGOs, between research and practice, and moreover between the networks and organizations themselves. We are in strong need and demand of an exceptional and cooperative platform to be built in order to share and exchange the knowledge and work of the networks and organizations who are producing valuable material and food for thought. Such a virtual place, along with peer meetings, would also offer opportunities to learn from each other and to support each other with research, design and action among the European countries.

Next Generation Forum of Networks is the first step towards a Network of Networks : an initiative for a continuous and horizontally organized exchange-platform, in order to develop a method to deliver the inspirations from all the European cities and regions. We foresee this collaboration as an instrument to build stronger and efficient partnerships, which are needed, in the short, middle, and long term. 

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