New European Bauhaus

We are now an official partner!

01 september 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Deltametropolis Association is now an official partner of the New European Bauhaus initiative of European Commission. In this new role, the association is looking forward to continuing our internationally recognized quality research activities, collaborative initiatives and design projects happening within the Netherlands, Eurodelta and Europe. We hope to continue to expand our networks and work towards creating realistic goals and actions to push forward the collective agendas.

Join us in this initiative and collaborate to create an active community!

More information on our plans and programs will be shared with you in upcoming months.

Initiative and agenda

The New European Bauhaus aims to initiate inviting conversations and collecting contributions about beautiful, sustainable and inclusive forms of living. The European Commission will present the key principles that emerge from the listening phase and translate them into ideas for action into a policy document. As proud partners of this initiative, we hope to work between the scales, concentrating on cross-border discussion, between cities, regions, countries, reaching to megaregional Eurodelta impact and towards European exchange. From our previous and ongoing projects and programs, our commitment towards an inclusive, liveable, just and beautiful urban development was established. In this new role, we will be taking on a 2-year commitment to support and work towards EU New Bauhaus. We are already working though variety of sectors towards other European agendas like Climate Agreement, EU Green Deal, Davos Declaration and we would like to combine our efforts and contribute to the Bauhaus Agenda. 

We offer to become an inspiring promoter or facilitation partner for the Dutch and Eurodelta actors. With our extensive outreach of members and partners, we can assure a Dutch Movement centralizing on the principles of New Bauhaus, creating relevant collaborations, exchanging knowledge, sharing information and promote call to actions, integrating projects and put forward new ideas and innovations in the European perspective. As a Facilitating partner, we will try to bridge the gap between European agendas and Dutch agendas (or link), while creating a common ground towards, sustainable and liveable cities and regions. 

In parallel, the initial group of Partners is working on furthering the reach of the New European Bauhaus and on building an open community to articulate international cooperation with  local action.

Do you have any innovative ideas to support this agenda?

Call for participation

As a facilitating partner, we are working on a framework to support Bauhaus initiative and bridge the gap between European agendas and Dutch agendas. This will be a stepping stone, creating a common ground towards, sustainable and liveable cities and regions. We invite all our members, partners and collaborators in supporting us in this role and join us in our vision. This is an open invitation to all the enthusiasts working within the European agendas to participate and collaborate with us. We welcome your ideas and initiatives, to create relevant collaborations, exchanging knowledge, sharing information and promote call to actions, integrating projects and put forward new ideas and innovations in the European perspective. We foresee this idea and discussion in coming years forming a bigger program in future with adding partners and commitments from the universities and research institutes. 

We look forward to your support in making this partnership successful.

For further information and to get in touch with us, feel free to reach out to Alankrita Sarkar.

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