Eurodelta Brainstorming session

Spatial Impact of New European Bauhaus

Deltametropolis Association and Architecture Workroom Brussels invite you to share your ideas on the spatial challenges and impact at the megaregional scale. We are hosting a brainstorming session in search of inspiration and new working methods to address the cross-border challenges in the megaregion of the Eurodelta.

Join us with your ideas on 30 th September 2022 at 13:30 hours in Brussels.

Shaping beautiful, sustainable and inclusive forms of living together stands centrally at the New European Bauhaus initiative, and strongly resonates our mission as spatial designers and planners. Envisioning a liveable, resilient and green metropolis, build upon an integrated spatial planning approach. How can a trans-national exchange between designers and planners contribute to the European agenda? What does the NEB and Green Deal mean for the megaregion of Eurodelta?  How can local organizations promote interesting local initiatives and learn from this exchange? We are excited to find those answers together with a group of experts.


13:30 Welcome with coffee
14:00 Introduction by Joachim Declerck and Paul Gerretsen 
14:15 Pitches from local initiatives
— New Leipzig Charter and New European Bauhaus by Jonas Scholze 
— Research by Design, TRANSITIONS by Jutta Hinterleitner 
— Delta Atelier and PREFIGURATIONS by Hanne Mangelschots 
15:00 Coffee with Exhibition
15:30 Brainstorming
16:30 Conclusion by Roeland Dudal and Alankrita Sarkar 
End Drinks

Together with the official partners of New European Bauhaus from the Eurodelta, we will be exchanging initiatives and methodologies which can contribute to the larger societal transitions. The interaction between different expertises, several methods and approaches and a multitude of cultures will be actively engaged in formulating new ideas for an endangered delta territory. The three economic core regions in the Eurodelta metropolis have some urgencies (climate and energy, urbanization, mobility) ahead of them, which require close cooperation. Given the delta territory they share, with strong economic clusters and urbanization, the transition tasks and associated administrative issues within the Eurodelta metropolis are partly comparable.

Lastly, as a group of enthusiasts, we get an opportunity to reflect on our work, exchange our thoughts and find new ways to create spatial impact. You can find a similar brainstorming session in the Dutch Network over here .

The brainstorming will be organized within the setting of an ongoing exhibition – PREFIGURATIONS. The Great Transformation 2020-2030 has launched Prefigurations: an exhibition on Architecture and Transitions. Together with a group of designers, consultants, economists, sociologists, public administration experts, cultural actors, transition experts and policy makers, an agenda of ten ‘Future Places’ was drawn up. These are ground-breaking projects that will need to be multiplied in the coming ten years if we want to realize the ambitious goals we set. The exhibition entails forty architectural projects, disclosing the seeds for the necessary social and spatial transition which can be translated in different Future Places in our streets, neighbourhoods, cities, and landscapes. You can read morehere . 

The aim of this brainstorming session is  (1) to find the common values ​​of the megaregion of Eurodelta to be able to support the NEB agenda, (2) to overcome the cross-border challenges in an informal planning framework without institutionalizing and, (3 ) to search for relevant projects/ themes/ methodologies to work together in the transnational setting. 

Join us with your ideas

A little more about the organisers

Delta Metropolis Association

The Deltametropolis Association brings together a group of spatial planners and designers for the development of the Netherlands and the strengthening of the Eurodelta territory of Rhine, Meuse and Schelde. We combine our efforts and expertise to encourage a balanced approach to spatial development, focusing on sustainability, resilience and social inclusion.

We are an ambassador of integrative spatial planning, combining spatial design, mobility and infrastructure, water management, energy and climate adaptation, cultural landscape and urban development, while facilitating collaborative initiatives and design projects through our wide network of members.

As a committed partner, we are aligning our activities, projects and programs to address European agendas such as, European Green Deal, Climate Pact, Davos Declaration etc. and as such contribute to the New European Bauhaus. With this mission statement, we are outlining our contribution for 2022.


Architecture Workroom Brussels

Architecture Workroom Brussels is a cultural innovation house for the transformation of the social and physical living environment. The organisation’s mission is to enable the transition to a  solidarity-based, sustainable and circular urban landscape  by means of design and architecture. It supports the development of new projects, coalitions and practices that provide solutions to tomorrow’s important societal challenges, related to themes such as food, water, energy, mobility, housing and community.

The innovation house uses  design and culture  as levers to achieve its mission. Spatial and design research play a major role in exploring and imagining possible futures. But AWB goes further than simply placing the options on the agenda. The cultural innovation platform plays a connecting role with regard to new coalitions, projects and practices, resulting in effective transformation in the living environment.

To this end, AWB brings both innovators and the current dominant players together in a new  practice environment . AWB provides the context and the tools for designers, local organisations, supralocal authorities and knowledge institutions to devise concrete, conceivable and achievable answers to the pertinent questions of our time.


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