Connecting scales of climate actions in Eurodelta

ISOCARP Special Session | The Matroesjka Effect

With the help of examples of best practices and lessons from the ground to provide background and context, the central theme of the session will focus on the climate ambitions outlined in the European Green Deal in the context of Eurodelta. The discussion will look towards connecting scales and approaches in creating a framework of societal and systemic actions for change. The program outlines Eurodelta mega-region as the context, the European Green deal as the theme and the results from the architecture month as the background for discussion. The discussion will include project examples elaborated by speakers.

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Spatial planning aims to advocate for an inclusive future while addressing the pertinent challenges of climate change that we are currently facing. It is no longer sufficient to only have visions for the future but climate urgencies requires immediate actions and active cooperation. This session will focus on the context of Eurodelta, a highly dense urbanised megaregion with approximately 45 million inhabitants, sharing a common history, culture and identity, to address the topic of territorial climate planning. The session will address the question of how to combine the efforts and ensure collaborations to connect scales and impacts through allying forces of societal, systemic and design approaches? With a broader research into the implementation of the climate agendas with AIR, this session will include inspirations from supporting agendas such as the New European Bauhaus, Paris Climate Agreement and Davos chapter to fine tune and streamline the discussion towards conclusive strategies.


11:00  Welcome and introduction by Paul Gerretsen
11:15   Presentation 1: Societal Climate Planning by Silvia Assalini
11:30   Reactions from audience
11:35   Presentation 2: Energy Infrastructure Network by Alan Croes
11:50   Reactions from audience
11:55   Panel discussion with speakers moderated by Paul Gerretsen
12:10   Questions from audience
12:30  End

Objective of the session

Click on the link to watch the previous session, ‘Het Matroesjka Effect’, in Dutch and English.

This session is a continuation of ‘Het Matroesjka Effect: Het verbinden van verschillende schalen van klimaatactie’, moving from the local scale to the scale of the Eurodelta. The upcoming session will focus on translating the territorial climate ambitions into implementable spatial strategic actions while creating better living environments. The dialogues will talk about frameworks to support, facilitate and accelerate the green transformation and recovery by involving different actors to collectively address various scales and sectors. Finally, this session will aim to address the gap between policy to action-oriented programs by discussing how territorial agendas can support local and regional initiatives in order to achieve a just and equitable transition. The key challenge of the session will be exploring various ways and means of civic society participation in the implementation of the European Green Deal within the mega-regional territory of Eurodelta. This would mean positioning the civic society in the EU Green Deal agenda and defining their role.

Projects in focus
Het Energiesysteem van de Toekomst
Programma Energiehoofdstructuur

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