Recipes for a paradigm shift in planning

The New Planning Cookbook and Community of Practice (NPCoP)

07 december 2020

The New Planning 'Cookbook' is an amalgamation of the processes (recipes) and learnings (ingredients) from ‘The New Planning Dialogue’ held over the last two years. With this publication, we aim to create a clear understanding of the processes, ideas and learnings explored through the dialogues and will showcase the ways in which different collaborations made this possible. Along with this, we also initiate the New Planning Community of Practice to continue the discussions and provide a platform for change!

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The eight-event series ended this year (November 2020) and the publication with results and learnings is due next summer. This will be a chance to further elaborate the ideas, thinking, subjects, contexts and relationships that were explored during the whole process. The core ideology of the project was to experiment a co-creative process involving contributors, partners and stakeholders from various sectors and fields of planning and policies. The publication will be an opportunity to structure these enormous knowledge building and dissemination, while showcasing the ups and down of this co-creative method of working. We portray all our research and learnings in a ‘cookbook’ format to be able to discuss the ways to prepare similar concepts (recipes) with different stakeholders and resources (ingredients) in other contexts (cuisines). 

We foresee the publication with the results from The New Planning Dialogue in the form of a ‘Cookbook’ and we hope to carry forward the idea of cro-creative process involving our partners, stakeholders and collaborators in the form of recipes, essays, reflections and reactions.

We hope to release this publication in the Summer of 2021, however we cannot do that without your help! With the initial funding from EFL, we will be working on the preliminary ideas and we will be reaching out to you soon to integrate your concepts and thoughts as well. Interested in collaborating? Send your ideas by filling in the google form.

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With the ‘cookbook’ format, we aim to create a clear understanding of the processes, ideas and learnings explored throughout the last year and will showcase the ways in which different collaborations made this possible. This ‘behind the scenes’ approach will be a way to not just understand and push forward the dialogue but also to reflect on the challenges faced during the extensive process, with some ways to overcome. The cookbook will be containing a variety of contents ranging from (1) ‘essays’  that will help to keep the discussion dynamic over the themes and the contents of the dialogue; (2)recipes’ – that will showcase the procedure and methods to ensure the appropriate knowledge exchange around the world and; (3) ‘reactions’ – that will include the expert interviews and responses collected during and beyond the dialogue. Each of these topics will be elaborated in collaboration with the many new planning partners and enthusiasts. Therefore, creating a substantive community of practice, providing a platform for future discussions and collaborations. We hope create a framework to all the valuable contributions from different realms and on different topics balancing the seriousness of the urgencies with an interactive playful manner.  

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The book will be presented in a way to be able to engage our readers and audience who have been religiously following these subjects in their own sectors/ organisations. This process is to provide them a clarity over the diverse concepts and ideas, generating an opportunity to keep them together, encouraging tremendous knowledge exchange. The structure will be therefore aimed at understanding the process by giving context and background to the development of each activity, the debates and dialogue that took place, the topics explored and give conclusions answering the questions that were put forth. The chapters will therefore explore various topics related to the future of planning and the need for new planning, exploring the different scales from projects – cities – regional – national and cross border mega-regions’. The final conclusion would be presented in the form of ten pointers as a manifestothat will concretise the learnings as well as put forth a clear agenda of future steps and decisions that needs to be addressed.  

Community of Practice

Through a Community of Practice (CoP) we hope to strengthen the initiative into an established network launching the solid foundation that can carry forward the inevitable paradigm shifts. We look forward to having more one-on-one discussions to collaborate further programs that can facilitate the new planning movement in our profession. We begin this CoP through the kick-off event planned for January 2021. You will receive more information with the New Year.

We invite you to join the ‘Community of Practice’ as well as to be a part of ‘The New Planning Cookbook’. We look forward to your continued support in this exciting new chapter of The New Planning!

Lastly, we would like to remind you that The New Planning Dialogue is co-financed by various partners from the Netherlands. We are always looking forward to your contribution, time, efforts, financial support, feedback, and enthusiasm towards this subject. Invite your peers and colleagues to participate!

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