Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta 2022

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06 juli 2023

Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta 2022 explored the future developments for the territory of Eurodelta bringing out fresh ideas from the next generation urban thinkers. The 5-day conference consisted of three lunch forums and a two-day online symposium, held from 2-6 May 2022

As we conclude, the second year of Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta, this catalog compiles the students/ participants contributions to the Eurodelta.

Our journey started from scratch, with a focus on empowering young planners and designers in transnational planning and development. We’ve learned from each other and we look forward to continue this relationship and exchange.


This catalog showcases the collective efforts and insights gained during Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta 2022, emphasizing the importance of involving the youth in the shaping of our urban environments. We extend our gratitude to participants, organizations, and supporters. Join us in exploring the rich content and findings within these pages.

Continuing the success of the pilot program in 2021, this year we hosted the second edition bringing in 170 participants from over 10 universities to collaborate and contribute to the development of the Eurodelta megaregion.

The second edition of the Next Generation Podium followed up the success of the 2021 edition in engaging a diverse group of individuals from within the Eurodelta. The event helped in bridging research and practice for next generation workers from a range of sectors and areas within the Eurodelta.


Together, let’s forge a more inclusive, collaborative, and sustainable future for our cities and regions, even across the borders.

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This edition followed a series of themes such as, water management and climate adaptation, the need for cross-border mobility and infrastructure and smart specialization strategies. They were discussed in depth with series of different speakers who shared their knowledge and experience from various fields.

More information about these presentation can be found here.




Coming from three separate nations who all advocated for a heavy emphasis on cross-border cooperation, they helped with addressing issues that are currently affecting the Eurodelta.


the third edition

With the success of the second edition of the Next Generation Podium, we have further on continued expanding this platform for the third edition in 2023. More information about the ‘2023 Next Genration Podium’ can be found here !

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