Panorama Ukraine

Collaborative strategies of reconstruction and resilience

Panorama Ukraine is a process of co-learning and rebuild by design, that takes the spatial tackling of conflict zones as a vital lesson for urgent transitions.

Panorama Ukraine is a long-term collaboration program, between the Netherlands and Ukraine, on spatial development strategies for war afflicted areas. It involves various institutions from both countries, citizens, architects, urbanists and planners, in a sequence of research assignments, design workshops and network events. The initiative is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) and is a jointly supported project of the Ukraine Netherlands Urban Network (UNUN), the Dutch Board of Government Advisors (CRa), Vereniging Deltametropool (VDM), the Independent School for the City, the City of Rotterdam, Nieuwe Instituut, local Ukrainian partners and stakeholders, the Dutch Embassy in Kyiv, and the IABR.

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