METREX Riga Conference

Towards implementing spatial strategies in continuously changing metropolitan areas

29 september 2021

From the 29th of September until the 1st of October the METREX Riga conference is taking place online, join us to learn from the new Regional Plan and its Action Plan for the Development of Riga Metropolitan Area. On the second conference day, 1 October from 9:40 – 10:00, Paul Gerretsen from Vereniging Deltametropool will be presenting what we have learned from The New Planning Dialogue. Take part in the conference to hear our call for action.

The conference will discuss the radical metropolitan changes in the Riga Metropolitan Area (RMA). In the past decade the overall increase of metropolitan land consumption and new mobility patterns have lead the transformation of metropolitan space in former Central-Eastern European states. The Riga Metropolitan Area (RMA) has come up with a new Regional Plan to work together among municipalities to develop a more efficient and competitive city region as well as to contribute to the macro-regional metropolitan networks strengthening the BSR in Europe and Beyond. The process and results so far will be explained in the METREX Riga Conference, and the concept of a Central European approach to planning and what we can learn from it will be explored. There will also be a reflection on it from the perspective of The New Planning Dialogue.

Conference overview

29 September 2021 – Member activities

State of the Union of METREX Expert and Network Groups. The METREX manifesto on the Role of Metropolitan Regions and Cities.

30 September 2021 – Host Day: Riga

Riga Metropolitan Authority present their new Development Plan and host parallel sessions to explore a number of its facets. We will visit exemplar projects.

1 October 2021 – METREX Day

A focus on Nordic-Baltic and Central European Approach on Planning, including parallel sessions with input from other METREX Members.

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