co-develop a joint strategy for soil subsidence

Red&Blue @ Rotterdam Architecture Month

Brainstorm with other municipalities who face similar subsidence problems. Gain new insights with researchers sharing their latest findings, and strategize how to form a coalition of problem owners related to soil subsidence in the existing city.


The program for this event is still under construction. The event aims to connect multiple municipalities who face similar subsidence issues. By sharing experiences, we hope to identify common obstacles.

Working with the AMS Research Institute and Hogeschool Rotterdam, our goal is to outline a joint strategy during the event. Part of this will be a coalition of problem owners. As soil subsidence in the existing city is a complicated public-private challenge, coalition forming is an important first step.


share your thoughts

We want to base the program on the interests and needs of the participating municipalities. Interactive sessions, such as group discussions or workshops, can be incorporated more to encourage active participation and exchange of ideas. But also plenary discussions or sharing more information from funding organizations or other sources can become a larger or smaller part of the event.

  • Are there any researchers, municipalities, financial organizations, or other specific people who you’d like to attend this meeting and discuss with?
  • Do you have specific research questions?
  • Is there a problem statement concerning soil subsidence in the existing city you need solved?
  • Do you wonder about an area in another municipality and how they handled the problem there?

Please let us know! We are setting up the program as we speak and would love to cater it to your needs.

Share ideas

  • Fill in the idea, question or worry you have concerning this event. You could also provide us with similar events happening or information that could be helpful in setting up the event.
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