Where the Maas ends - cycling along the river

UN 2023 Water Conference

For our members and network - Join us for a bike ride along the beautiful Maas River and share your observations and experiences with the Maas River. As a contribution to UN 2023 Water Conference and New York Waterweek, we are documenting the Maas River as a valuable identity for (and in) Rotterdam.


Bike with us and revisit memory lane sharing your stories of Maas River. This event promises to be a fun and memorable experience for all the citizens, designers, urban thinkers, planners, as we explore the historic, ecological, economic, and social values views and dive into the identity and landscapes of the river trail. 

The event will take place on 9th March from 15:00 – 17:00 hours and will begin at Het Nieuwe Instituut (HNI). We encourage you to bring your own bike, or you can always rent an OV-bike. We will be taking breaks for conversations voicing the river value in Rotterdam along the trail. 

We begin with a coffee/ tea at HNI and finish with a drink at Delfshaven to celebrate the river and the city and our experiences and stories from the day. 


14:45    Walk in and welcome
15:00    Introduction with coffee
15:30    Cycling along Maas
17:00    End with Borrel

Please REGISTER HERE by 5th March and we look forward to hearing your stories! 


Who can speak better for water than rivers?

The voices of rivers, deltas and estuaries are seldom heard. Rivers are the key to human survival for the provision of fresh water, to facilitate transport or to produce renewable energy. At the same time, rivers are major polluters, carrying waste to the oceans. Together with universities and local NGOs and international experts, we aim to bridge the gap between nature and culture, between organic and man-made, and to develop new ways of engaging with diverse water bodies.  

The proposal for UN 2023 Water Conference and New York Waterweek, is to collectively develop commitments from international partners for the future of clean, accessible, drinkable, and socio-ecologically fair rivers, deltas and estuaries that benefit our oceans. In the runup to the Conference, several documented walks around the world will be organised, to give rivers, estuaries, and watersheds a voice and to create a basis for a global initiative. Using social media and digital tools, we will engage a broader, younger audience in distinct locations around the world with the aim to accelerate change towards a more sustainable and just water world.  Combining local stories with global narratives in a multi-scalar approach, enabling design-thinking and artistic interventions for the implementation of the Water Action Agenda. 

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