Bauhaus of the Sea Sails

Future Tidal Architecture

Join us to explore the intricate dynamics of this unique borderland, where the past informs the future and nature guides the built environement. Together, we chart a future with a harmonious coexistence of nature, industry, and society in the Border Park of Saeftinghe, as a part of Bauhaus of the Sea Sails.

Border Park of Saeftinghe

This is an event with a specific group, by invitations only.

The Bauhaus of the seas, as “marhaus” (literally “the sea as our home”) or “baumar” (“the sea as a space for creation and impact entrepreneurship”), aims to promote renewed ethical and aesthetic regenerative development from a widely diverse range of dimensions of our continued relationship with the sea.

Border Park of Saeftinghe (Grenspark Groot Saeftinghe GGS) is an extensive area across the border where large Zeeland-Flemish and Wase polders meet an estuarine nature core, including the Verdronken Land Van Saeftinghe, and the port of Antwerp. The area is unique because of the combination of agriculture, nature and port. The sustainable development of this region is therefore one of the most spatially and administratively complex processes in Flanders and the Netherlands. This day-long event marks an essential convergence of research, academia and practice, enhancing the interaction between the students, local experts and citizens to understand tidal landscapes and design sustainable futures.

09:30 Ride and talk – Antwerp port (guided)
10:00 Welcome by GGS
10:30 Site introductions by experts+ Q&A
— Doel
— Prosperpolder
12:00 Lunch and guided site visits
14:00 Panel discussion with experts
14:30 Water Value Game
15:30 Break
15:45 Long-term planning framework
17:15 Conclusions and end

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