Studio Hartzema and FRESH on The New Planning

01 april 2020

Article by Studio Hartzema on the expectations and aspirations from collaborating on the New Planning project

When Studio Hartzema and FRESH joined forces with Vereniging Deltametropool on the New Planning project, we were determined to contribute to the creation of a new Dutch planning model based on research, international cooperation and engagement of various partners. Until today, the activities of the New Planning have brought forward the need for institutional integration, planning on multiple scales and active participation of diverse actors.

Our team provided knowledge and material regarding scaled-up thinking, future possible connections between difference levels of governance and the crucial role of projective design for the active implementation of visions like the NOVI. While showcasing our ongoing research within Project Holland and the EU United Atlas, we managed to highlight the need for an integrated vision about the unbuilt land of the Randstad, which accounts for roughly 75% of the land, and to shed light to the need for interconnected strategies between national, regional and local levels, always within the general framework of the New Planning.

For the next phases of the project, we look forward to examining more Dutch and international case studies as well as gaining knowledge from best practices and innovative planning frameworks. It is our belief that the future of Dutch planning could benefit from international examples of resilient planning, integrated governance and active participation of diverse stakeholders. Also, our ultimate expectation for the New Planning lies on highlighting the importance of applied research and multi-scalar design to those economic, ecological and societal issues  -climate crisis, corona virus, expected population growth- which are now proving their urgency. And we remain positive that the New Planning will succeed in doing so.

For more information about the collaboration and the project, view here.

FRESH, the research group from Studio Hartzema is now closely working with Vereniging Deltametropool, creating content and reflecting together in The New Planning project. This opens up the doors to the designer community in the planning perspective. Due to the uncertain period that we are in, FRESH offers all their project reads online for their readers. At Deltametropool website, you can also find all our project materials as open source. So, get inspired from these reads and join us for The New Planning Dialogue further.

Drop your ideas and help us create the right planning framework in the changing times!

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