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The New Planning dialogue #03

The opening night is held on the first day from 19:00 hours onwards as part of the conference, ‘Take on the future - Critically reflecting on Planning Visions’ convened on 10 and 11 December 2019, in Rotterdam and The Hague, the Netherlands. It aims at identifying innovative planning approaches to a more resilient future, bringing experts from Netherlands and Europe and debating over the relevance for the recently published draft Dutch national environmental vision NOVI.

The conference ‘Take on the Future’ will engage scholars and practitioners in the fields of development policies, spatial planning, territorial governance and regional design from several European countries. Drawing on their knowledge and practical experience these will engage in an active dialogue about planning for a resilient society and review of NOVI. We hereby cordially invite you to be a part of this discussion.

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The opening night will include talks by national as well as international speakers discussing about the planning perspectives from various parts of europe and will involve panel discussions about the National planning and environemntal vision or NOVI. the program schedule is given below.

— Opening night 

19:00 — National planning and environmental vision (NOVI) by Emiel Reiding (Director, Nationale Omegevingsvisie)

19:30 — Dutch planning perspective by Kees Christiaanse (Founding Partner, KCAP Architects & Planners)

20:00 — Opening statements of international experts —John Bachtler, Daniel Galland, Lawrence Barth, Hans Leinfelder, Fernando Nunes de Silva

20:30 — Book launch

20:40 — Reflection and conclusions with Joachim Declerck (Founding Partner, Architecture Workroom Brussels)

21:00— Borrel

If you are interested in knowing more about the conference and the detailed program for the two days, you can follow the link, ‘Take on the future’.

The New Planning dialogue is a platform, to discuss the progressing issues and the crucial questions about the planning and policies, with a broad audience of planners, policymakers, developers, and academicians. Join the dialogue to opinionate, influence and revolutionize the planning model and support the project by your eminent participation.

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