Deltametropolis Association

The independent Deltametropolis Association aims to develop, the in principal already present, deltametropolis in the West of the Netherlands.


Below you will find more information about the association, its objectives, history and members.


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Publications in English

All publications in English can be found on the abovementioned webpages or in our stack | English Publications on ISSUU |.



Deltametropolis Association

The association is a broad public organization which feels responsible for the sustainable development of Randstad Holland. We bring together businesses, public interest groups, research institutions and governments and provide an environment to work towards a socially supported design of the Randstad metropolitan area, focused on welfare, prosperity and strengthening its international competitiveness.


The Deltametropolis Association creates opportunities for the development of new ideas and to sharply discuss Randstad Holland outside the usual frameworks. It is a laboratory for agendizing innovative issues and a platform for boosting the debate on the future of Randstad Holland. The association thus aims to promote the discussion about the development of the region and to help ideas being applied in everyday practice.



Deltametropolis declaration
A declaration by the spatial planning aldermen of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht regarding future urban development in The Netherlands. The cooperation between the four aldermen, which started in 1996, resulted in a common declaration concerning the strategy to transform the Randstad to a cityregion of international size: a European Deltametropolis. The central concept in this strategy is growth. The development of the Deltametropolis is seen as a proces of growth which, from a historical viewpoint, already started centuries ago. During the second half of the 20th century an acceleration occurs and the birth of the European Union provides yet another stimulus. The essence of the 1998 declaration is summarized in article 2 of the regulations of the Deltametropolis Association, dated February 1998 (ISBN 90-76630-03-8).

| declaration deltametropolis | (English PDF)

| verklaring deltametropool | (Dutch PDF)


Objectives (regulations, article 2)


The independent Deltametropolis Association  aims to develop, the in principal already present, deltametropolis in the West of the Netherlands. Existing characteristics of this metropolis, which are to be reinforced, are:


- a configuration of well connected vital cities situated around a green heart full of water

- great wealth in terms of the amount of and differentiation in economic activities

- vast cultural and historical values



In view of its geographical positioning in the delta of the rivers Rhine and Meuse this metropolis is named the Deltametropolis.



The association attaches special value to spatial planning as an instrument to integrate the relatively autonomous developments in watermanagement, cultivated landscape, the pattern of cities and villages, the network of connections and the wide spectrum of commercial activities into a Deltametropolis of internationally acknowledged quality.



The association attempts to achieve its objectives through:



research and spatial design, also based on comparison with other metropolises



Influencing the public opinion in favour of the formation of the metropolis as described in article 2, paragraph 1 and 2



promoting the cooperation between parties relevant to achieving this goal by forming coalitions, alliances, subsidiaries and the likes



promoting general measures (legislation and rules) and specific activities (projects) which help stimulate the development of the Deltametropolis



everything else which is legally permitted and contributes to the objectives of the association

  | Regulations Deltametropolis Association | (Dutch only, PDF)

Membership is open to governing bodies, civil organisations, companies and private persons.

A summary of our institutional members can be found | here | (Dutch).

Information on employees of the agency as well as members of the executive board and general council can be found | here | (Dutch).
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Privacyverklaring - Lees hier op welke manier Vereniging Deltametropool voor haar functioneren persoongegevens verwerkt.


Word lid van Vereniging Deltametropool. 


Vereniging Deltametropool is initiator van onafhankelijk ontwerpend onderzoek naar metropoolontwikkeling in Nederland en de Euro-Deltametropool.


Contactgegevens voor het agentschap en de verschillende publicaties en projecten. Tevens is er een routebeschrijving beschikbaar.


De organisatie van Vereniging Deltametropool bestaat uit het Agentschap (zie foto), en een Dagelijks Bestuur.


Het ledenoverzicht van de vereniging, opgedeeld naar soort organisatie, onze partners in kennis en projectpartners.


Voorzitterswissel Leen Verbeek is op 16 december 2013 benoemd tot voorzitter van de vereniging. Hij volgt Duco Stadig op, die aantrad bij de oprichting in 1998.


Paul Gerretsen is sinds 1 april 2008 agent van Vereniging Deltametropool.


Become a member of the independent Association Deltametropolis. We encourage both institutions and private persons to become members.